In November 2006, DOCA moved to new manufacturing premises. The company now has an area of 20,000m2. Investment in these facilities and new equipment such as the latest generation in machines, cost more than 16 million Euros. Right from the very beginning, the company wanted their facilities and equipment to be environmentally friendly.

Thanks to the machinery at our company, many production processes have been computerized. Like this delivery dates are reduced and we have been able to improve the quality of our products. Of course we are always able to count on our highly qualified work team and their extensive experience with DOCA products.

The new office building is next to the production area, which means that technicians are always in direct contact with all phases of production processes.

Work areas vary according to the type of task to be carried out at different times. The offices have different multi-purpose rooms available for daily meetings, training for both internal personnel as well as clients or for meetings with clients.

Design, which is ever present in our Kitchens, is reflected as should be, in our installations. The colours, design, lighting and decoration of our offices is in line with the product we develop. Minimalist lines in white and black combined with a warm touch of wood, dominate the communal areas as well as the workrooms and offices

The balance between exhibition, production and offices gives our different teams the chance to carry out their work in optimum conditions. With pleasant surroundings, the correct tools and facilities which is in keeping with an avant-garde product as are the Kitchens manufactured by Doca.