Homogenized design


When remodelling a kitchen, if it is also intended to undertake renovations of bathrooms or bedrooms, in DOCA we offer the possibility of using the same materials, handles and accessories to homogenize the design and give the same aesthetics to the reform.


The interiors


The interior of a furniture contains the essence, and it is where the rest of elements are supported and although it is not visible, it is not less important than other areas of the kitchen. The material used for our carcasses is 19 mm and is available in 14 different finishes.


The doors


Being the most visible elements of the kitchens, in DOCA we pay special attention to update our doors technical catalog at least once a year, focusing on them a large part of the resources of the ​I & D department. The materials used for its manufacture are very diverse and range from traditional laminates, varnishes and lacquers to new and innovative resins, special veneers, new types of lacquer, steel, porcelain, as well as multiple combinations of glass / framework.


Opening mechanisms


In our desire to customize each kitchen and to adjust the needs of our customers, we have more than 10 different opening systems using the latest technology from leading European manufacturers.


The accessories


We know that small details make the difference, so in Doca we offer more than 100 accessories, in multiple finishes to personalize, organise and order the interior elements.


The drawers


We currently have 5 types of drawers and big drawers with different colors, such as grey, white, stainless, orion and anthracite, that offer us multiple combinations to achieve harmony when designing a kitchen in its interior. In our technical catalogue we present a large number of accessories to be combined with the drawers making them always ​to ​be elegantly organized.


The design


The soul of our product has always been the design, we do not understand a project that does not transmit feelings. We need our product to thrill, therefore, we dedicate great efforts to take care on the finishes, to have a wide range of combinations that allow us to adapt the kitchen to the spaces where our clients pay special attention to details.

At Doca we make kitchens that are adapted to the needs of our clients, combining materials as diverse as wood, steel or glass, to awake sensations and emotions that make that ​ who install​s​ one of our kitchens will​ feel​​ passion for it.