This kitchen made by Muebles de cocina DOCA is in a matt finish wooden veneer from the ANGON MOCCA SERIES.

Aesthetically perfect kitchen

This kitchen made by Muebles de cocina DOCA is in a matt finish wooden veneer from the ANGON MOCCA SERIES.

The designers at Muebles de cocina DOCA have created a refined design with the characteristic elegance of our brand, with this aesthetically perfect kitchen which is functional in every way. The furniture in the island area is equipped with the MILANO (GOLA) opening system. The saucepan drawers and doors all have a BEVELLED top edge which fits perfectly with the bevel of the same angle on the underside of the countertop. Thanks to the distance between these two bevels it is extremely easy to access and open mobile elements.

Smooth transition of tones

Continuity is a feature here, and it is achieved on the one hand by the grain on the wooden veneer, and on the other by the bevelled edge along the whole of the island on each of the four sides. This makes a perfect block, so that we cannot see any thickness as all of the panels and end elements have mitered sides. The co-ordination and smooth transition of tones within this project is outstanding, thanks to the careful selection of veneers by our team of professional carpenters here at Muebles de cocina DOCA.

Columns with the Milan vertical edge opening system make it easy to open large doors in just one piece reaching the ceiling. The interior is fully equipped with fridges, an oven and microwave, as well as having lots of storage space, making this an efficient and extremely functional kitchen.

In our effort to find imaginative solutions DOCA use other opening systems like sliding or coplanar doors which are easy to use and help the flow of movement, giving access o all areas of a kitchen.

The beauty of the materials used and the pure design which makes the most of each element, means we can go beyond established aesthetic limits of a conventional vision of a kitchen.

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