A contemporary kitchen on fine minimalist lines in GUM BLANCO, a matt white lacquered finish.

Customize down to the tiniest detail

A contemporary kitchen on fine minimalist lines in GUM BLANCO, a matt white lacquered finish. This model is characterized by its finish as it has no texture and feels like RUBBER to the touch, which strengthens the minimalist aesthetics of this kitchen. Furthermore, this model can be in more than 30 colours and you also have the choice of colours on the RAL chart, so that clients can personalize their kitchens right up to the tiniest detail. Likewise, an absence of handles adds lightness making this composition simplicity to the extreme, based on straight lines. The 9mm porcelain countertop and skirting of 80mm in Gum lacquer add simplicity, giving the doors more importance than any other element. The arrangement is marked by 3 very different areas: a work area at the island, columns for the storage area and electrical appliances and a decorative area along the wall which is closed by means of sliding optical glass doors.

The work area is an L shaped island. The furniture used is low units combining saucepan drawers and doors without handles with a push opening system, and this together with the SLIM countertop and skirting of 80mm give this composition a minimalist aspect, without obstacles. Like this it is easy to use on a daily basis as well as being functional and practical. The result is like a mosaic marked by horizontal and vertical lines which are united by perfect right angles.

Carefully studied arrangement of elements

The hob and sink are completely unified as the sink is in the same material as the countertop, all in perfect harmony with the furniture as the carefully studied arrangement of elements has continuity in the area of shelves and columns. Design in its purest state, an intrinsic characteristic in DOCA kitchens.

The storage area is located behind the island and is made up of columns at 2.260mm, which along with the skirting makes a total height of 2.340mm. The chosen opening system is called Sistema Milano. Here, the vertical Gola option has been chosen using fillers in the same finish as the doors and incorporating handles in the inside edge of the door. This makes it easy to open and hides all handles, maintaining harmony with the island and offering pure, simple global aesthetics. At Muebles de cocina Doca there are lots of storage accessories. We offer each client a product adapted to his or her needs which is 100% adjustable.

This kitchen uses the gap between the columns as a decorative area, by positioning 60mm thick shelves lacquered in white which is the same finish as the rest of the kitchen. Thereby all of the different areas of the kitchen are connected and have a comprehensive open-plan arrangement. This area is marked by a closure of sliding doors in transparent optical glass with different functional purposes as needed.

The combination of colours between white and black and the effect created with lights and shadows, filling a room with different tones and reflections, transmits a sense of space and purity with very trendy aesthetics.
At Muebles de cocina Doca, we want our kitchens to reflect design and elegance, with functionality and eronomics in different work areas. Every project is painstakingly studied by our technical and design departments. We adapt to our clients and the most demanding market trends. Both nationally and internationally. DOCA is a renowned name in design.

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