Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary Kitchens

DOCA products are characterized by their design and quality whilst maintaining their functional and ergonomic purposes. Materials are studied and tested so that our kitchens look up to date, are extremely resistant and long-lasting. Stainless steel is polished by laser, resins are of the highest quality, and lacquers are glossy and look like polished rubber, … all of which make our products state of the art in every sense of the word.


A new concept of kitchen where DOCA takes the pictorial art of the canvas to the kitchen in the form of kitchen fronts engraved in natural stone. A new sober proposal with a colossal force where countertops, fronts and interiors create an island designed to enjoy art in all its senses. A great design where DOCA emphasizes the work of his design team in search of groundbreaking proposals that never stop to amaze us.

The counterpoint to the robustness of the island is given by the lightweight shelf made of optical glass, offering storage to the whole DOCA Kitchen. A shelf that goes unnoticed so that the imposing island of monolithic concept takes center stage.

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Contemporary Kitchens