Our wardrobes are the result of hard work and effort in the creative department at Espacios DOCA, by creating a new concept of what is modern and incorporating new designs and avant-garde solutions for the collection of wardrobes. These are always characterized by an attractive timeless design. Without any doubt, the ideal complement to give your home a great design in each and every place.


What do we want to see in a wardrobe? And what don’t we want to see? Rooms are becoming more and more open plan, opened up to different areas of our homes. Now we don’t have complexes about people knowing who we are, we want to be seen, proof of this is in the popularity of social networks, and our clothes should be on the same level.

From a New York loft to a house on the seafront there is space for a room divider like the walk-in-wardrobe designed by DOCA creative team. It is a glass case in the middle of nowhere displaying everything on the inside openly without constrictions.

A walk-in-wardrobe which stands naked before us. Thanks to the metallic structure which is available in various finishes, DOCA have been able to create this transparent area accompained by an elegant wood, which can be left as shown in the image or placed on a base with any covering you choose: artistic paintings, painted paper, wood… there are as many possibilities as elements which can fit inside.

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