Classic Kitchens

Classic Kitchens

DOCA products are characterized by their design and quality whilst maintaining their functional and ergonomic purposes. Materials are studied and tested so that our kitchens look up to date, are extremely resistant and long-lasting. Stainless steel is polished by laser, resins are of the highest quality, and lacquers are glossy and look like polished rubber, … all of which make our products state of the art in every sense of the word.


Minimalism aims to reduce the contents to their elementary expressions, but DOCA goes one step further; following these guidelines, small details are present in each of the elements that make up this unique kitchen.

Firstly, the central area of the furniture made in Olmo Natur stands out, where DOCA focuses all its attention on a worktop designed in detail where the surrounding furniture embraces the central stone with the warmth of its veneer.

Bevelled details and the creation of machined handles on the veneer itself extol the quality of DOCA furniture.

Secondly, the column area houses large storage areas. Electrical appliances, shelves, drawers and a system of coplanar sliding doors combine to give the space the functionality and ergonomics that are always so present in DOCA kitchens.

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